Due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, our store IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED! However we have CRAFT KITS TO GO!! Available, for curbside pickup, FREE delivery in Spencer, or Shipping is also available!

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We are Spencer Iowa's 1st Crafting DIY classes & workshop Studio!
We have thought for a while now, Spencer needed a place that both adults, & children could go not only for enjoyment, but since Spencer is a smaller area, it’s a safe, fun, and exciting way to meet new people from the community, and surrounding areas. It’s always nice to know the people you live among, getting to know the things they like to do, and enjoy! What better way, to pass the time during these long cold winter months here in NW IOWA than to keep busy, make new friendships, and enjoy what you are doing, leaving with something you should be proud of.
At our Studio you will be working with your hands. Making things you can display in your home, office, or even give as a gift to someone, all while taking pride in the fact that you made it!

I have enjoyed crafting for as long as I can remember. I met my what seems like a lifetime ago, my sole mate back in the summer of 86. From then on we have been pretty inseparable. Sharing the joys of liking many of the same things. We both enjoy working with our hands and making different projects. He has put up with many of my ideas for quite sometime. We have gone  from being first loves at the young age of elementary school, to high school sweetheart, and now the father of my children! He is also usually the man that is responsible for helping me make my sometimes crazy or next to impossible ideas with projects to a reality! He keeps the reality for both of us, since sometimes my ideas get pretty big!  He’s been a huge help between teaching me how to do different things, providing me with helpful tips, and ways to better my techniques. 

Since I have a tendency to craft a lot, I passed the enjoyment on to my kids. While sometimes teaching them, family, and friends a few crafts here and there.
I quickly came to realize I really enjoyed doing that. So turning to my other half presenting him with this idea almost 2 years ago, on how it would be nice to have not only my own space for projects but a place to teach others.
So making my dream a reality, we now have a wonderful shop that has almost been completely remodeled. Allowing for me to do just want i enjoy, crafting and teaching others, while having fun!  So the shop has been modified to accommodate for classes, parties, and events to be held at, allowing for all to make whatever they want to! 

If you have any questions or ideas on anything you would like to make,  please feel free to send us a message on Facebook or email!
We would love to help! 

-Jessica Johnson
 Perfect Imperfections ~
DIY Craft Studio & Workshop

16 East 5th St. Spencer, IA

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  • DIY all day, Pin ALL NIGHT
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DIY all day, Pin ALL NIGHT

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