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Need a place to have your child's birthday party. What more of a unique way than to celebrate with a one of a kind DIY project! Your child and all those who attend will have so much fun making and creating their own personal project, we can promise you it will be a hit!  Any age is welcome! 

Whats included; 

~We Set up the party for you! All you have to do is drop off any items you want us to use ahead of time. We can also supply them for you. (Cups, plates, utensils, napkins) at an additional rate.  

~Asides from the birthday cake, you are more than welcome to bring any food, snacks, or drinks!

We clean up the mess for you!

You get 2 hours to DIY your project with guided instructions, from our staff, so that each child is able to perfect their project!
There are a variety of different projects to choose from. So each child can make the same, or something different!

We provide all the materials to complete the project chosen & 
each guest gets to leave with a one of a kind piece, made by them!

For more information please email us at
Or call us at 712.363.3045 

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