Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a crafty person. I have no artistic talent. How will my project turn out then? 
There is absolutely no need to worry! Just come with an open mind, the willingness to learn, and ready to have some fun! You will walk out with not only a project you created, but one that you can be proud of, and you should walk away with that DIY attitude!!!  
All of our classes and workshops are instruction guided, and no one
 is there to judge! You actually may be quite surprised how many others also feel the same way as you. Many are also willing to help, right along with our staff! All this is the makings of new friendships to be made, along with all the fun you will have!   

Do I have to pick my project ahead of time?
We will have a selection of projects posted. You choose which one you want to make, and all the customizing you want for your project. If you want to personalize your project even more, then please give that information at the time of registering for the class, using our on-line registration form. There is a comments box where you can leave us detailed instruction of what you would like to have when you are paying your deposit. Please be sure to ALWAYS double-check the spelling and information that you leave us, to ensure your stencil and other materials are correct and ready for you at the start of your class or workshop.

Can I make more than one project at a workshop?   
YES, if time allows for it, as long as there is not another class, workshop or private party, immediately following the class or workshop you are currently in.  If time does not allow for it, please check with us about another time that would work for you to come back.
You can also watch our website and Facebook page, since we will consistently be adding more classes and workshop projects.  Remember to check back often, to see if there is something you may like, so you can be sure to get registered since spots are limited!

How long does a class or workshop last?
The length of each class or workshop depends on the type scheduled.
The typical a class lasts 1.5 -2 hours, while a workshop may last 2-3 hours. 

What are the prices for classes or workshop?
Prices vary depending upon which type is being offered, (class or workshop) what the project is, and how big the project is.  
Typically, prices range from $20 to $65 depending on the project. Workshops entail more work to be done than a class, so prices are usually slightly higher.   

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the custom work we do ahead of time, per each person, per class or workshop, registration fees are non-refundable. If classes are canceled by us, usually due to weather, we will reschedule or do what we can to accommodate you. 

Who picks the colors and stain I want to use on a project?
You do! We have a wide variety of stains and paint colors for you to choose from.

Can I bring a friend with me if they are not working on a project? 
Please check with us in advance to make sure we have the room available.  However when we hold children's classes or workshops, parents are allowed to stay if they so choose. 

Can we sit with our friends or group? 
Yes definitely! At the time of registration, please let us know in the comments area, if your are coming with a friend or a group of friends!  Providing us a name or a list of names of who you would like to be seated by, will help us to ensure this happens!

Can I hold a private party with just my friends for no reason? Or for an event?
Yes! Just contact us about a date and what you would like to do, if you have something in mind.
There is no minimum number of persons required. We can accommodate private birthday parties, private bachelorette parties, really about any private party you would like to have! Christmas parties for your employees or co workers, ladies night out, mommy and me, daddy and me, fundraisers. We can do private parties about anywhere. Homes, work environments, bars, libraries, convention centers, and yes even outside.  

Can I hold a party at my home, work, or other area?
Yes definitely! We love to travel! Just contact us by phone, email, text, or in person. 
Let us know when, where, how many people, and what you have in mind to make. We like to have parties outside of the shop, just as much as we do inside! 

Can I bring my own snacks or food? 
Definitely, if you want to! However we will also provide yummy little treats for as well! 

Can I bring my own drink? Alcoholic beverages, beer, or wine?
Yes you can! Alcoholic beverages are permitted at all adult classes or workshops. We do ask that you be responsible and have a designated driver though if you will need one. Also per Iowa law, only those 21 and older are permitted to drink in our classes or workshops!